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do you ever stop for a moment and think what a dork mamoru is…

This guy <3;

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Every time guys Every time… 

Yyyyyeahhh&#8230; I literally said to Simon while watching episode two &#8220;GOD DAMMIT I cannot wait until those two hook uppppUUDHADHJKAHJKDA *incoherent groaning*&#8221;
This fucking hottie.



Every time guys Every time… 

Yyyyyeahhh… I literally said to Simon while watching episode two “GOD DAMMIT I cannot wait until those two hook uppppUUDHADHJKAHJKDA *incoherent groaning*”

This fucking hottie.

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M E R C U R Y P O W E R M A K E U P!

I am twenty-fucking-six and my throat felt sore after seeing Mercury transform.

Yeah, that about sums it up

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tehscarfdrilbur asked: Sorry if you've answered this question already, but I'm just curious; have you seen the official clips of the new Viz english dub for the original Sailor Moon? If you have, what do you think of the new voices so far?

I have indeed! In fact, I was at the premiere at Anime Expo, thanks to a buttload of generous fans who donated to get me there, :3 

So far, I really like what I’ve heard! I think Sheh as Sailor Moon is really refreshing - it hits home the fact that DiC/Cloverway’s “Serena” is entirely different from this new dub of “Usagi”. I like that it’s two completely unique characters! Sheh gives Usagi that bubbly, high-pitched, young-girl kind of voice that Mitsuishi made so iconic. I’m happy to hear a voice like that done in English, without anyone at VIZ feeling the need to go totally crazy caricature about it!

In a vacuum, I like Luna’s new voice too. But I do find that when Usagi and Luna are talking, it’s a little hard to tell the two of them apart…! : ( Even so, it’s pleasing to hear Luna as a combination of young (like she was in the Japanese), but also tired of Usagi’s shit (like she was in the DiC/Cloverway dub). You definitely get the feel that she’s like “bitch, it is only episode two and I am so done” (without actually being mean about it), and I really enjoyed that.

Robbie Daymond’s Mamoru is delicious. He has a Toby Proctor thing going on, but it’s even smoother. Huff huff.

Shingo’s voice is… way too deep. Omfg. I don’t know what happened, XD; Umino is PERFECTION. Naru is a little jarring to hear, because God knows we’re all used to that wacky accent Molly had - but it’s still a very good voice!

Beryl and Jedite, what little we got to hear, were really good as well. Beryl is still definitely a bitch you do not want to trifle with, but without the “evil witch” trope thing going on. Very sultry and devilish, but not clawing. I like that! And Jedite was simple and well-portrayed; can’t say much more about it…!

At the panel, someone asked if the other VAs could do their transformation cries, so that we could get a taste of what they would sound like as the new girls. The voice actresses were really excited—-!! BUT Charlene Ingram had to shut that one down, unfortunately. The VAs haven’t actually recorded their lines yet, so there is no definitive version of what their voice direction will sound like - that being the case, Ingram couldn’t allow them to say the line in a way that hasn’t been approved yet. A bit disappointing, but understandable!

SO YEAH. I like what I’ve heard! :D

Anonymous asked: Did you do a shot for moon animate makeup? I saw you in the credits!

Yes, I did! :D My shot is when the reporter is taking pictures of the girls, and they’re yelling “Hey! Quit it!”, and Venus is posing between shots. 

You can see it here:





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Anyone can Charlie (@charliebymz)

Model: Alex Minsky (@mminskyy)

Photography: Eric Pietrangolare (@RicPie)





So someone swapped in the Attack on Titan theme on the opening for Sailor Moon Crystal and this was the result.

Holy shit


i feel like we’re all witnessing some kind of anime inside joke where other animes purposefully make their opening sync with the aot opening, cuz this is like.. the third one i’ve seen.

OMG that’s crazy how perfect it is!


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Sailor Moon Cosplays I got pictures of throughout Anime Expo.

The Princess serenity of the serenity-endymion pair is kmelias….I failed at getting everyone else’s info. 


Ahhh! And I’m the Endymion from the Serenity-Endymion pair with kmelias !!

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P4GA Episode 1 Reactions →





Cut to avoid spoilers!

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Yeah, basically this exactly! I’m stressing to people that this is a SEQUEL, not a remake! You can’t really watch this one without having watched the first or played the game - this is a New Game+, so you need to have an…

They didn’t expressly state that, but it seems like Narukami is super maxed out in his characteristics! He’s saying all the lines you only get to say the second time around - and he was obviously BEYOND POWERFUL during that first fight!!

And given the way they’re glossing over details and introductions, and how he’s so mischievously smiley all the time, I’d say it’s definitely supposed to be the second time around!

I see, gotcha (I never actually started a second playthrough).  That’s kind of interesting then because I’m assuming Marie would be a curve ball because its not the same path all over again, not to mention if they do a certain someone’s social link that’s only in Golden.  It would really be interesting if Yu is aware that he’s going through the same thing all over again, so when he reaches certain points he just looks exhausted and upset because, “Do I have to go through this again?”  You know, like Nanako in the hospital, things like that.

I also just realized if it does the Golden ending we get time jump characters  *__*

YAAAAS epilogue please!!