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brichibi asked: Tooooooooooootally just bought BOOK TWO! *no regrets*

BLLBBB~~~ <3 Thank you, my darling~! I’ll ship it on Tuesday, 8D Hope you like it!

barbako asked: Kannao!


LOL I got asked this twice, am I really that obvious?

My headcanons!

Who kills the bugs:  Kanji, but here’s the thing.  Naoto would keep the bugs if she could, like, any interesting ones, and Kanji would have to kill them before she noticed it.  However, he secretly hates bugs, they’re not cute at all they’re gross, but if he doesn’t kill them they’d be kept as pets.
Who hogs the sheets:  Naoto.  She also snuggles against Kanji.  He’s so tall that it’s really easy for her to treat him like an extra long pillow.  He doesn’t mind at all.
Who hates mornings:  Despite her detective lifestyle she loathes the morning, I mean, who really commits a crime that early?  And if they did, hell hath no fury than a Naoto Shirogane in the morning.
Who’s cranky before they had their coffee:  Naoto, hands down, and Kanji has it ready at sunrise.
Who’s doesn’t like their mother in law:  The only mother in law in this case would be Kanji’s mom, and Naoto adores her… when she’s not being utterly embarrassing about how she’s such a great match for Kanji, how she can’t wait to have grandchildren, and things of that nature.
Who drives:  I suppose canonly speaking Kanji never got his motorcycle license or whatever, but Naoto has a scooter in Golden, right?  However, Kanji is so determined in everything he does that Naoto would let him peddle his bike as hard as he could.
Who gets horny in awkward public places:  Kanji is always happy to see Naoto, always, and is always smiling and happy to be around her. This, much to Naoto’s dismay, is a turn-on, because he’s got a great smile and nice arms and says her name so nicely.  So yeah, it’s totally her, but she’ll never admit it, even if the Junes’ bathroom knows them rather intimately.
Who had a scene phase:  Kanji, for sure.
Who wore braces:  Kanji.
Who got bullied:  Kanji in canon.  People made fun of him.  At the same time people also gave Naoto a hard time.  So they both know what its like and both are there for each other when its one of those days.
Who collects ceramic elephants:  Neither, Naoto collects Neo-Featherman.  Kanji can make his own adorable collectibles. 


Though, for the braces, I can see Kanji being like “fuck nah, my snaggletooth makes me look badass, let’s go”, and Naoto being the prissypoo that wants perfect teeth~~~~~~~~

Trust: Book Two

By the way, I only have TWO MORE COPIES of Trust: Book Two! If you were waiting to buy it, now’s your last chance! 

We will not be doing a second print-run of Book Two. We MIGHT do a collected volume with sketches and etc for people who didn’t get a chance to read it, and for conventions - but I’m not sure when that will be. I’ll definitely post about it as we get there, though! : )

Otakuthon! →


Otakuthon was so amazing. Thank you to everyone who came to our booth and our workshops!

We promised our workshop attendees that we would upload a recommended reading list, so here it is!

We had the honor of having EK Weaver (bigbigtruck) of The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal as a guest speaker in Part 2 of our workshop on Friday night. While we were able to cover the book-publishing side of self-publishing, Weaver was fantastic in giving the audience insight on the web-side and web-to-print side of self-publishing. We’re very grateful for her help, : )

My post about our time at Otakuthon! :D


it me birthday

Happy Birthday, kinomatika! &lt;3


it me birthday

Happy Birthday, kinomatika! <3

floatslikebricks asked: Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers. (It said it's non-negotiable, but it totally is.)


I’ve been putting off doing this, because I have an issue with saying good things about myself, >__>; But I realize that’s probably bad, so I will try!

1. Every time I draw, I’m getting better and better, and even if that’s just babysteps, I like that I’m progressing

2. I like that I make people laugh

3. I like that even though I care a lot about what people say and think about me, I don’t actually take any crap

4. I like that I have fairly good people skills

5. i like that I’m strong! Not physically, but mentally and emotionally. I’ve gone through a good deal of crap, and I think I’ve always come out better for it.

I tag anyone who thinks they can do this, XD;


That’s right, this is an incident! No matter what kind of danger lies in wait, I’ve got to find out the truth.
     ↳ ;;Anti Riot Gear Naoto

Don’t ever ask Naoto Shirogane out, whether it’s a date or hanging out, just don’t ask.


I totally want to use this idea as a Kannao comic now…

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